February 4, 2019
Savannah, GA – Ultimate Sales, the leading c-store foodservice sales & marketing agency, has made a strategic decision to expand its services beyond foodservice with significant investment in hiring top- tier sales expertise for the candy, snack and packaged beverage categories. Since 1994, Ultimate Sales was a visionary for food-to-go in convenience and for the last 25 years Ultimate has been at the forefront, leading the charge introducing and growing convenience foodservice sales for manufacturers like Don Miguel, Hormel, McCain, NeMo’s, Nestle, Rich’s, Unilever and others.
Ultimate Sales sees today’s business environment full of new growth opportunity to be a “one-stop shop” for all categories, acting quickly to fill any voids in the market in candy, snack and packaged beverage categories.
“The broker business is built on long-standing relationships and trust that has been cultivated over many years”, says Wes Stone, owner and founder of Ultimate Sales. “And frankly, succession planning is lacking in the world of sales agencies, so that when people retire or leave that trust evaporates. Instead, at Ultimate Sales our mission is to reinvest in our future by hiring seasoned professionals with deep skill, knowledge and experience that will further strengthen and grow our business. Ultimate’s strength has always been, and will continue to be, hiring experts with excellent relationships.”
In support of this decision, the following strategic management changes have been made:
Jeff Garlow, previously with Acosta, joins Ultimate Sales as V.P. of Sales East. Jeff lives in Syracuse, NY and comes to Ultimate with extensive background with international manufacturers and large national sales agencies.
Tyler Coates, formerly with APF/Tyson for 11 years and most recently 7-Eleven team lead and the 7- Eleven Fresh Food 2017 Vendor of the Year, will be the V.P. of Sales West, residing in Denver, CO.
Transitioning from CFO, Karyn Vaughn will step into the CEO role, taking Ultimate Sales into the future in today’s competitive and fast-changing industry.
Tom Parr, President, and Tom Farnham, Executive Vice President, together with Wes Stone will focus “on” the business vs “in” the business, benefitting from their invaluable experience and relationships while taking a fresh approach to managing the company.
To learn more please contact:
Jeff Garlow,, 315.420.2908 Tyler Coates,, 513.889.7323

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