The Town of Concord has Banned the Sale of Bottled Drinking Water in Town Beginning in 2011.


The ridiculousness of this boggles the mind. Even as state and the federal govt. mull taxing sugared drinks allegedly as part of the fight against obesity, a town is going to ban the sale of bottled water.


I'm a bit of a tree-hugger myself--perhaps more in theory than practice--but this sort of action seems unnecessary and over-the-top.


Others' thoughts? What would you do if this happened in your town?

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Let's ban all bottled items period. After the soda tax, now this. Move to Canada eat donuts everyday and they have good beer and their desert wines are awesome.
More activity on this front:

Seattle U. to Stop Serving Bottled Water
Friday, 15 October 2010 07:12
Seattle University officials say the school has become the first university in Washington to stop selling bottled water in its cafeterias, concession stands and vending machines, as part of a student-led effort to cut down on waste and make the school more sustainable.

The school is instead selling stainless-steel water bottles and encouraging students to fill them up at water fountains. Seattle University expects to raise $2,000 from the water-bottle sales to install a water-treatment system at a medical clinic in Haiti.

Last year, students bought 3,700 plastic bottles of water in campus vending machines and cafes.

Copyright (c) 2010, The Seattle Times
Interesting response from the Boston Globe:

Bottled water: The wrong enemy
Sorry, Concord. Banning sales is the last thing we should be doing.

"To many, bottled water is a modern evil, a wasteful and environmentally destructive consumer scam. I say it’s a brilliant triumph for public health.

"Someday soon, if the town [of Concord] has its way, a thirsty bicyclist will pull up outside the Cumberland Farms on Thoreau Street, walk inside looking for a bottle of water, and find none. That’s because Concord wants to make bottled water illegal. ..."



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