BP- The "accidental disaster" in the Gulf, you can help fix it today!

It dawned on me last night that the "oil spill" in the gulf would be a great topic to get our industry's feedback. I believe we may be a little more understanding than most people, so to "kick it off," below are some opinions and some further questions.

Opinion: I am sympathetic to the people in the gulf region for yet another disaster they must endure. Of course, I am sympathetic to the environmental impact, now, and for the years to come. Don't you have to take a step back and realize that there has not been any evidence to prove BP caused this due to negligence? They certainly did not want this to happen and they would have blocked it off as quickly as it happened if they could. If they were the greedy corporate pigs some people would have you believe, wouldn't they shut that off as quickly as possible? After all, that oil leak is profits spewing from the ground! Not to mention the company has lost 2/3 of its market value since this happened. 

This is a disaster, albeit a tragic one and manmade, but ask yourself, for what reason.It is for YOU and for ME. We drive cars, boats, planes and use OIL every day for something. Yes, BP is a big company who has made a lot of money over the years, but if BP did not have customers to sell their product to, they would not exist. The irony is that the "water-men" who depend on the Gulf to make their living fishing and shrimping rely on BP equally to run their boats to the shrimping grounds! Have you ever seen one paddling out to the shrimping grounds? As a matter of fact, here in Georgia we have many "shrimpers" and they are always spewing some black noxious smoke from their diesel engines. 

This accidental disaster was bound to happen at some point and I believe it could have happened to any of the "Big Oil" companies at any time because statistically speaking it was bound to. I am also certain that there will be someone tarred and feathered for this event, but the real culprits are you and me.  I love animals as much
as the next person but using them as "victims" in the daily news is ludicrous. We are all victims and we are all to blame. Now we all need to fix it. I ask you Mr. Obama, quit playing politics, quit pointing the finger, and shut-up! Send in the US Navy and deploy the underwater robotics devices at your disposal and help BP! Help this country; the time for talking is over, take action. You have a chance to prove yourself as our leader. Do your job!


As for us, we need to live our lives in a more responsible manner and stop pointing the finger. Stop pretending you give a damn when you drive that gas guzzler and don't recycle.


Below are ten things you can do immediately to help:

HELP: Operating a green business is not only good for the environment but good for your business's bottom line because conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves money. The good news is that whether you run a home-based business or an off-site enterprise, there are simple things you can do to run an environmentally friendly business.

Recycling is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of being environmentally friendly. And recycling is important. But recycling is only one part of the environmentally friendly business equation. We can also take a large step towards being more environmentally friendly by reducing the amounts of waste in our offices and business operations.

Here are just ten easy-to-implement ideas for running a green business from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade's Greening Operations guides that you can put into practice right now to make your office a more environmentally friendly place:

1. Turn off equipment when it's not being used. This can reduce the energy used by 25 percent; turning off the computers at the end of the day can save an additional 50 percent.

2. Encourage communications by email, and read email messages onscreen to determine whether it's necessary to print them. If it's not, don't!

3. Reduce fax-related paper waste by using a fax-modem and by using a fax cover sheet only when necessary. Fax-modems allow documents to be sent directly from a computer, without requiring a printed hard copy.

4. Produce double-sided documents whenever possible.

5. Do not leave taps dripping; always close them tightly after use. (One drop wasted per second wastes 10,000 liters per year.)

6. Install displacement toilet dams in toilet reservoirs. Placing one or two plastic containers filled with stones [not bricks] in the toilet's reservoir will displace about 4 liters of water per flush - a huge reduction of water use over the course of a year.

7. Find a supply of paper with maximum available recycled content.

8. Choose suppliers who take back packaging for reuse.

9. Instigate an ongoing search for "greener" products and services in the local community. The further your supplies or service providers have to travel, the more energy will be used to get them to you.

10. Before deciding whether you need to purchase new office furniture, see if your existing office furniture can be refurbished. It's less expensive than buying new and better for the environment.

To find out more click here- 



Further Questions: Are you angry due to the spill?  Who do you blame? What should they (BP/Government) do right now to stop it? What should the government do right now? What should the government do when the leak is fixed? What should the long term plan be for BP? Will BP be a viable entity afterwards? If you are a BP
dealer, is the impacting your business? Will this impact the c-store retail industry over the long term? What industry will benefit the most from this? Is this the end of Big Oil? In this age of government takeover of private industry is BP nest and do you agree with it? The questions go on and on, so how about some opinions? Do you think you are to blame? Are you being environmentally responsible?


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Considering how quickly Americans forgot about 9-11, I wouldn't think BP has much to worry about. Yes we forgot about 9-11, if we had not Washington DC would not be the place it is today.
I was touring some BP branded locations last week and the managers commented to me: As soon as the leak was capped - it was like someone opened the door to the gas pumps. They had so many customers they had to call in extra personnel.
The latest from BP on its branding/image issues: "The BP brand stays," a spokesman told CSP Daily News: http://bit.ly/aYlZUK #cspnet
There is something exceptional about America and Americans; it and we have the strength and forbearance to move on and accept; many, spiritually motivated forgive. Forgetting is another thing altogether. To say or even assume Americans have forgotten 9-11 is a tad over the top. However, what Americans understand after months of publicity is that those whose only connection to BP is that they dispense BP gasoline and oil products and as independent small business owners they and their employees derive livings from doing so. You know as do I that Americans will never forget 9-11 as they will never loose sight of the Holocaust, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Hurricane Katrina and conversely the cures for Polio, life saving treatments and cures for some forms of cancer and so many others there is not enough room herein to make mention of them all.

Wes, as for Washington being the place it is today; well I don't think America is clear on how it presently feels about Washington’s present “as is.”

Is kicking BP out of America a wise move economically? I think not. Did BP’s CEO and others act badly over the period of the unfinished to date clean-up? Yes and yes again. But, I think Americans have become numb when it comes to the actions of corporations and those man their helms. BP has no exclusive claim to false promises and the greed filled activities that influenced what became a milestone oil anomaly. Looking back at Enron, Bank of America, Freddie and Fannie Mack it is entirely understandable that Americans feel helpless in the face of such acts against America and “We the People.”

Can and will Americans change the face of Washington? I hope so; but at my age, nearing 68, I doubt it will get done in my lifetime. For those of you who might be here to see it evolve, I hope you are part of the solution. America has come a long way over the years; its evolution is far from finished. Possibly those that man our three branches of government may once again read the Constitution of the United States of America. Nowhere within its writings are mention of companies and corporations; only “We the People.” Perhaps more than our elected should read the Constitution; re-read it if indeed they have ever.



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