We are actively seeking category captains to blog and discuss their categories. The pay is enormous and the benefits are better than government employee benefits. We are a free site so so are your efforts:{) The exposure will be enormous, not too mention you get to have the first shot at the Pinata, everyone else will be second. It is quite easy you will have the reigns of your category to discuss anything and everything you so choose too. Your blog or discussion will featured daily on the front page of this site, you can update and change it as often as you like. Examples to follow.

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One Simple Example- Lucia Crater of Met-RX is our Nutritionworld captain, so she goes one and says:

A) As a Blog- Don't forget stock up for the new year on nutrition bars. As you know the first week after X-mas is the largest month for nutrition sales so stock up now. The best flavors are MET-RX, etc etc. So this is more generic to the category as a whole however she can plug her stuff generally but more importantly that overall category

B) As a discussion- (Lucia can be much more liberal here) Has anyone tried the new Met-RX -- bar? It is outselling -- bars 5-1 where we have it placed. Order now, and she can even then upload (in the same discussion) the actual spec sheet on the item. You have to remember that anyone can see this and comment. If you wanted more specific info you would move it to groups where you have all the control and confidentiality you need. I will discuss groups in another discussion.



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