Thank you for visiting We are committed to allowing freedom of expression for our members, and that includes maintaining a safe space for people with opposing views to express themselves. We want to foster a community in which diversity and variety shines through. Here at My Cstore World, as with any online community, it is important to adhere to certain rules of etiquette. Here are ours:

Respect The Community: Abusive language, name-calling, insults, harassment, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Members are prohibited from making posts or comments that encourage this type of behavior. My Cstore World reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including deleting content, blocking any member from posting to othe site and/or revoking the membership for any behavior we determine to be damaging to our community.

Keep it Appropriate:
Please be sure that all posts made on blog, as well as any and all comments and discussion threads, remain at a PG-13 level. This includes text, video, images and any other content you may add or upload. Always ask yourself this, “Am I posting something I’d want my child (or mother) to read?” If in doubt, leave it out.

Guard Your Personal Information:
If you’d like to share personal information, such as cell phone number, address, etc. within a forum discussion, we advise you to do so with great forethought and caution. Remember, you can always contact group members within your shared group forum. Also, you can send a specific message to a fellow member via the private messaging system (accessible on your profile page). Be aware that My Cstore World and its affiliates cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages incurred as a result of sharing said information.

Promoting personal fundraising campaigns is permitted, as long as they are promoted in relevant discussions. Please do not leave comments for others advertising your merchandise or services. We offer advertising features designed to help you get new customers and exposure for your business. Our network administrators will delete any content that is construed as advertising.
Merchandise may not use the My Cstore World logo or mimic the My Cstore World branding without our explicit written permission.

Questions for
While the My Cstore World staff does monitor the community, we can't always answer individual questions via the discussion boards. If you have a question for us, please email us.

If you become aware of any content that may violate these guidelines, or other worrisome issues, please promptly Report the Issue and our community administrators will look into it as quickly as possible.

All right, now that you've gotten the boring rules part out of the way, start exploring


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