Dannon Agrees To Drop Health Claims For Yogurt & Dairy Drink

The Dannon Co. has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges of deceptive advertising and drop claims that allegedly exaggerated the health benefits of its Activia yogurt and DanActive dairy drink. Dannon has agreed to stop claiming that one daily serving of Activia relieves irregularity, and that DanActive helps people avoid catching colds or the flu.
Under the proposed settlement: Dannon is prohibited from claiming that any yogurt, dairy drink, or probiotic food or drink reduces the likelihood of getting a cold or the flu, unless the claim is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Dannon may not claim that Activia yogurt will relieve temporary irregularity or help with slow intestinal transit time. 
The FTC worked in close coordination with 39 state attorneys general, who are simultaneously announcing the resolution of their own inquiries into Dannon's advertising of DanActive and Activia. Dannon has agreed to pay the states $21 million to resolve these investigations.x


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