1. Post Appropriately. Our forum has a number of topic categories, which are clearly defined on the Discussion Forum Page. When posting a new discussion, please choose the most appropriate category for your post.

2. Be Specific. Use a specific and clear discussion title that indicates your post’s topic. This increases the number of readers you'll attract, and encourages more discussion on your thread.

Clear and specific title:
NACS Show 2009

Vague title:
Trade Show

3. Use keyword tags. Always tag your posts with keywords so people can search by topic easily. The tag box is directly below the box in which you type your post.
Note: Use quote marks around words you want to "appear together."
Note: Separate each keyword tag with a comma -- Comma goes outside your closing quote mark.


How to Add a Link to your Post:
1. Highlight the text you want to show up as a link.
Note: It is very important that you type the text first and then highlight it. If not, you will not see the link in your post.

2. Click Add Hyperlink .
Note: This button looks like a chain link in your formatting bar.
Note: http:// automatically comes up once in the prompt.
Result: A dialog box pops up in which you can enter or paste the URL for the website to which you want to link.

3. Click OK.
Result: The code for your link appears in your post text.
Note: Once you click Publish, you can view your post and test the link to make sure it works.

How to Post an Image in your Discussion Post:

1. Click Add an Image in the toolbar.
Note: This button looks like a framed picture.
Result: You are prompted to select a photo from your computer to upload.

2. Select your image and click Add.
Result: The image is inserted into your blog post.
Note: Choose Insert an Existing Image to enter the URL of a picture that is hosted on another site, such as Photobucket or Imageshack.

How to Format Text in your Post:

1. Highlight the text you want format.

2. Click one of the following buttons for the style you want in the formatting toolbar.
B = bold
I = italics
U = underline
S = strikethrough

If you need help posting a story, image or link in your blog, follow the directions found here.

If you haven't already, please also make sure you have read the My Cstore World Code of Conduct.

If you notice something worrisome, please promptly REPORT THE ISSUE and our network administrators will address it as quickly as possible.

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