Don Miguel kicked some Ruiz butt yesterday at a large retailer!

WOW! The image above is a picture of a product cutting done yesterday Ruiz “8 oz HBW” against the Don Miguel “7 oz HBW” at a very large retailer. During the cutting, all that was done was to scrape the fill out of both products and put them side by side. As you can see the Ruiz fill was far less and it’s supposed to be 1oz more than Don Miguel. HMMM?
Wonder what would happen if you did that with taquitos?

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Marnie great stuff!! This is essentially the norm when it comes to cutting Don Miguel products against Ruiz. There is a buzz about the Don Miguel Taquitos for many reasons. But first and foremost they are a better product with quality, authentic, and real ingredients and that will speak volumes in the long-run. Why drive a Pinto when you can drive a BMW?
This is not surprising to me, I noticed an immediate jump in sales when I switched to Don Miguel. I do not eat these products for personal reasons but my customers tell me there is a big difference. Thanks for the information Marnie.



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