Don Miguel (Taquitos) vs. Ruiz (Tournadoes)- Head 2Head-DON MIGUEL WINS HANDS DOWN!

Let me begin by saying that I am clearly biased. I worked for Don Miguel directly for many years and have been their broker for the balance of those years. So I have had a relationship with Don Miguel for more than 15years, that says it all, relationship. Anyone that knows Don Miguel knows that they are some of the best "relationship building" manufacturers out there, not to mention they are a great group of people. Don Miguel has been committed to this channel for far longer than Ruiz, and continues to add value to their respective categories. Which I leads me to the Taquito vs the Tournadoe question, quite simply Don Miguel's is better, it holds better, it looks better and oh yeah it tastes better! We have cut the product Head 2 Head many times and never lost when pulling product from stock. I recommend that when comparing the items that you order the samples directly from your distributor to insure consistency. If you do that and taste the products side by side I would be surprised if you did not find Don Miguel to be superior. I am sure there will be one out of every 100K people that may not agree but the majority will agree with me.
In fact consumers agree with me, we have many customers large and small that made the change to DM and their sales have increase 20-30% on average. I have not heard of one customer who has made the change from Ruiz Tournadoes to DM Taquitos and been unhappy. There have been several very large retailers that were considering the change but for one reason or another (HUM-wonder what that was?) did not. Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me hear it.......

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No Doubt you are right, we switched about three months ago, the Don Miguel product is much better. It out sells the ruiz two to one. My best customers noticed right away and thanked me for making them better- so thanks Mr. Don Miguel!



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