"Customers from Wawa-inhabited towns say what they love about the Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain.
March 10, 2014
​NEW YORK – It’s not unusual for a retail chain to develop a cult-like following — just ask Wawa. With more than 600 stores in six states, Business Insider polled Wawa customers to find out why they keep coming back:

1. Hoagies. Priced at $4.79, each of Wawa’s 30+ hoagie varieties are made with an Amoroso's roll baked fresh inside store. Hoagies are made to order and customizable.

2. Foodservice: “Most people don't associate convenience stores with fresh, good food,” writes the Business Insider, citing other foodservice offers from Wawa such as quesadillas, soups, salads, wraps and snacks such as hot stuffed pretzels and buffalo chicken bites.

3. ATMs: Like a number of convenience stores, Wawa offers surcharge-free ATMs at its locations.

4. Touch-Screen Ordering: Wawa is one of the early pioneers of implementing touch-screen ordering kiosks.

5. Customer Service: Wawa places a huge emphasis on customer service, making sure its employees have a personal connection with their customers throughout the entire organization.

6. Convenience: "Starbucks built its cult following by making its stores inviting places to linger for an hour; Wawa stays popular by getting everyone the hell out," wrote Don Steinberg in Philadelphia magazine. "Everything is designed for speed, which translates to turnover, customer contentment and, essentially, profit."

7. Private Label: Wawa’s private-label products range from milk to iced tea, soft drinks, coffee and ice cream.

8. Breakfast: Menu items include the proprietary "Sizzli" breakfast sandwich, oatmeal, breakfast bowls, burritos, hoagies, cinnamon buns and other bakery selections.

9. Hours of Operations: Most stores are 24/7,

10. Community: "I love the fact that almost every time I’m at Wawa, I see someone there I know," wrote Tessa Kettelberger on

11. Wawas Aren’t Everywhere: So far the c-store chain only operates in six states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and central Florida."

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