Any feedback on this piece of equipment, and if good, any lead on vendors with great pricing?


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Brooke Shiffler is on this site as the perfect fry guy, he can help. I will contact him. The Turbo Chef is the bomb!
Chugz - I went to google "Turbo Chef Tornado" and found more information than I could use but now I know what you are looking for and saw some vendors when I googled. Thanks. JonM
Fellow Buckeye - some of your neighbors Speedway and Certified Oil are both using it - phenomenal piece of equipment. You can do just about everything under the sun in these units!! And most of the manufacturers that supply C-Stores will have all the programming information/cooking instructions for their products - for example Schwan's and Don Miguel have many products that work well in these units. Very easy piece of equipment to use and train your staff on.

How is your menu progressing? Are you going to be doing most everything from 'scratch' or are you looking for 'pre-made' frozen items as well?
Turbo Chef is a great piece of equipment. It will cook everything. The support you get from this company is exceptional. They will come out and help program it for the items you are using in you store
In my area the Tubro Chef is the number one method for stores that do not fry. Pierce Chicken also has a rebate program tied to your purchase the purchase of your oven to help off set your cost. I have several stores doing Pierce Super Chicken and turbo chef was great at setting up the oven times and giving them instructions.
There are a number of chains that I call on that use Turbo Chefs and are very pleased with them. Dash In (40 stores in So. MD) has one in nearly every store. They cook pizzas in 2 minutes, wings, and chicken tenders in them. Rutter's (which was just named CSD's C-store chain of the year) has 2 Turbo Chefs (and 3 Perfect Frys) in each deli store and uses them to toast subs, as well as cook various items on their menu. Also, 7-Eleven utilizes them in their stores. There are different models of Turbo Chef, but the Tornado and the High H Batch are the ones you see most often. All of the chains above use the High H Batch, I believe.
Great ovens for all mentioned below. Just ran into 80 store chain that tried to run their pizza program using these and the output volume is to low.
Thanks everyone for your input! Decision made!
Greetings Ben,

I work for Perfect Fry (, a ventless countertop deepfryer manufacturing company. We were recently aquired by Middleby who owns Turbochef. My boss, Gary Calderwood (President of Perfect Fry) has been in touch with Dave Shave at Turbochef to discuss their models and how they go to market. I have posted his contact information below; he could be a great resource.

Dave Shave
Vice President Global Sales and Marketing
TurboChef Technologies, Inc.





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