I am not certain how well this will be received but I had a really productive NACS Show in 2010!  This was, by my wife's calculations, my Thirty Second, (Yes, 32 years) NACS Show and Convention and as you might guess there has been a lot of change.

And while I did have a good NACS business wise, my eyes were really opened to something that I guess I have had blinders on about, or it is just that we are so inundated with so many types of shock marketing, and shock journalism, that it just didn't register. 

So, while I was there I began to ask questions of associates and friends in the Industry and I really got some interesting input.  When I got home I sat down and wrote an article for my revised and relaunched blog and the feed back has been interesting enough that I thought I would take this out a little broader than usual to see what others have to say. 

Please click through to my blog to read this article about Values & Decency and might thoughts that too many of us just accept things and never voice our opinions!

When you get done reading the blog, come back to MyCstoreWorld as it is impressive to see how this site has grown and changed and is filling the needs of so many in our industry!  Great Job Wes!


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