Two weeks out from NACStech, a number of issues are on people's priority lists. For some, it's data security, for others possibly loyalty, especially in light of several major oil companies throwing their hats in the ring.


I heard at SOI last week of a retailer interested in cooler cameras because most of his employees fall there--where they know there's no cameras.


What might be of interest for you?

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Thought I'd post a few features that NACS has on its new NACStech app:

Unique features include detailed event information, speaker bios for general sessions and workshop presenters, calendar integration with links to other attendee schedules, interactive expo maps with routing to booths, integration of social media and trending of the #nacstech Twitter feed, and the ability for attendees to download brochures and information from exhibitors.

I find that PCI compliance information is at best scattered and difficult for most people to really understand. Have you found anything that would be of help to people?
Hi Mark:

Retailers appear to be all over the map, but for the ones who need the most help, a 'secure data wipe" was something that jumped out to me as extremely important. I've also seen the security firms emerging, like Coalfire and Vendor Safe, which turn compliance into a service. Certainly the advice I've been hearing from them seems solid and helpful, especially if a chain does not have the resrouces to keep track of that stuff in house.

The vibe I'm getting--even from Visa when I interviewed them--was how they were less interested in punishing as they were about people moving on compliance, coming up with a plan and creating a schedule of implementation.

Then finally, I'm hearing that going to your vendors and making sure all the pieces that make up technology at your site have certifications that cover not only the devices themselves but proper installation so no new security holes open up.

I think the resources are out there, inclusive of NACS, but the raw questionnaires out there for retailers to complete can be complicated and retailer have to reach out for advice if they're not able to build the resources internally.

Hope that helps. And I hope that others chime into the discussion.



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