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Convenience Store Food in the 21st Century

We all know foodservice in C-Stores is growing rapidly, but some operators are bound and determined to take it to the next level. And there is one such operator in southern Ohio REALLY taking it to the next level, Valero on North Bridge St. in Chillicothe, OH. Ohio fun fact: Chillicothe was Ohio's original capital.…


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Building a Loyal Customer Base

Building a Loyal Customer Base

I will be writing several articles on how to build a loyal customer base. It has little to do with loyalty cards. It has little to do with QR codes. It has nothing to do with carrying the hottest and latest products in your store.

You know as well as I do that our world is continually becoming faster paced. Some simple examples are:

Can you imagine how we would be in awe of having a computer with the speed, storage capability and… Continue

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What's Going On?

Turmoil Everywhere turmoil

In politics - it's the same. Those who desire to have the rights of the state received from the governed with limited government, God given rights and responsibilities versus those who would be gods in their own minds.

In economics - that's the same. Those who believe in a sound fiscal policy and a sound money backed by a historically acceptable standard of value (such as gold or silver) versus those who believe money (and the paper laws are… Continue

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Arre Your Content with Mediocrity at Best?

Are You Content with Mediocrity at Best?

Last week I received a referral to another C-Store from a client. It seems the two business owners ran into one another at a trade show and they exchanged information, including information about C-Store Marketing Systems (my business). An interest in my services was noted, so I was asked to follow up.

When I phoned this prospect, he was interested in what I had and how I could help him.

Personally, I find this interesting. Here’s…


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Got the Loan?

Several months ago I was asked by a local banker to visit a C-Store. The owner wanted to get some financing in order to restock his inventory and build it up and the banker could not make the loan happen with the financial situation of this particular C-Store.

I met with this owner for about an hour and a half. True, his inventory was down substantially. Many of his shelves and hooks were bare.

Throughout our conversation, the owner had one basic question – Got the loan? In other… Continue

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10 Points of Running A Successful Business!

By: Michael Howard

1. Purpose- Make sure you know your purpose in your business. Most people have a purpose of making money however the purpose should be to create new customers and retain them and the money will come. A majority of your focus needs to be on how to gain customers and how to keep those customers loyalty.

2. Reputation- One key to…


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C-Stores Gear Up for Super Bowl???



I received an email this morning that spoke about the industry gearing up for Super Bowl parties.  I recall the several years I built up my inventory as well for the Super Bowl purchasing spree.

But, did I really profit from getting ready for this annual event?  Yes, of course, I did to some extent as I sold more products that day than on a typical late January-early February Sunday.  My real question is – did the profits I made on Super Bowl Sunday change my life –…


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Is the Economy Really So Bad?

I recently did a Google search to see how people made money throughout the 1930s.

Several people bought up undervalued stocks and held on as the stock value increased due to the public’s need for the company’s product or service.

Another one bought companies and leveraged their assets to grow the business (not necessarily financial assets, but the Goodwill, the value of their customer base, etc.)  This person went on to become one of the people who made the most wealth in…


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Everything Old is New Again

In days gone by, the general store was pretty much the axis of life.  Everything one could need in products or services could be found in one place requiring less travel and time which was a luxury in those days.  We have been through the segmentation phase in recent times but it would appear that this old concept is coming back in the form of the C-Store. 

One missing service across the spectrum and has been a recent topic of discussion is the Post Office.  From its…


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Zagnoli Trading Company Client Announcement

Cornerstone client of our firm: Growing New England coffee/foodservice beverage distribution company. Established business for over 50 years. Product warehouse & distribution for single cup coffee, whole bean coffee, ground coffee, hot & iced tea, + additional allied beverages for your business. Please connect if we can be a distribution resource for your strategic thinking and operational…


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The Halloween Blog: Share Your Stories Here!

Happy Halloween everyone! If you've linked through this through the Weekly Social newsletter, thanks for visiting! To all others, welcome as well.

Halloween is upon us, so I'm opening this blog to share your stories of fun Halloween's past. Anything fun…


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NACS 2011 Chicago - Show Blog

Good morning everyone. I'm excited for the show - just getting a few last minute details together (and setting my fantasy football lineups!). Please feel free to chime in on this blog thread on anything interesting you are seeing at the show, or anything in general! Great dinner spot? Funny story to share? Cool picture? Let us know!…


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Sweet or Salty?

Whatever your cravings are, sweet, salty, healthy or full of fat, Im the one who can lead you to the best tasting, best selling and best deals on anything from candy, snacks, and beverage of all kinds. You want to know where to find it or who makes it, I'm your girl. I always know when new products are coming out and when others are being discontinued. So I will keep you updated and share my opinions on the products I sample and give you a heads up on that flavor gum that only you are chewing,… Continue

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Movie Courageous

      Kerusso Inc. is the official licensee of the apparel for Courageous the movie. This is a must see movie that is going to impact many lives. The movie will be released in September and comes from the makers of the movie Fireproof. Check out the link below to watch the preview for the movie.

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Motorcycle Rally For Hospice

Summer Fun Run Press Release

Please promote as “Summer Fun Run, Ride for Life”. Benefit sponsored by Mulch4Less, a division of Quality Millwork Inc..

Benefactors – Proceeds less expense to benefit Circle of Life Hospice and Hope Distributors. Both organizations are 501 c3 non-profit.

Date – Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th

Host – Jose's Southwest Grille, 5240 w. Sunset Ave, Springdale, AR

Friday June 3rd Venue - Featuring “Summer Fun Run… Continue

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Check Out Allen Brothers on Facebook!

Hope all is well! If you have a chance, could you please like our facebook page, Like Allen Brothers on Facebook. In order to get more cool features for our site, including doing sales on candy, snacks, etc., we need to reach 100 followers. We're just over 20 today, and I'm really hoping to get Allen Brothers to that mark ASAP.

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Pierce Chicken At NACS 2010

Here's a video of Bruce Shiffler at the Pierce Chicken booth at the 2010 NACS show, showcasing their c-store product lineup as well as some upcoming new items.

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RESFAB TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY: Hands Free filtration - just set it and walk away! 40 Programmable Menu - Pin Lock - set your menu, set your cook/hold times and set Filtration by the number of fryes, or by the number of cooking hours: Nothing can be changed without your PIN #, guarantees consistancy and quality of products! Full demonstration at Booth…


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Green Chile Grill Burrito's

I invite everyone to stop by and sample the newest taste sentation taking the C-store industry by storm. Green Chile Grill's handmade burrito's, the authentic taste of New Mexico the Chile capital of the world. CAUTION "They are almost habit forming... Booth 4933 the Consolidated Sales Network.

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Resfab Equipment

Stop by our booth #8825 at NACS to see the latest in "Touch Screen Technology" on the Resfab Fryers!

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