Arre Your Content with Mediocrity at Best?

Are You Content with Mediocrity at Best?

Last week I received a referral to another C-Store from a client. It seems the two business owners ran into one another at a trade show and they exchanged information, including information about C-Store Marketing Systems (my business). An interest in my services was noted, so I was asked to follow up.

When I phoned this prospect, he was interested in what I had and how I could help him.

Personally, I find this interesting. Here’s an example of what I mean…

A relative of mine is severely overweight. Considering he is in his early thirties, he should be in the prime of his life – and having the time of his life. But his one hobby is gaming. Additionally, his diet is typical of many computer geeks. This has resulted in gaining about 80 pounds over the past 6 years.

Recently, he has been having pains in his chest and upper abdomen. Thankfully, it is not his heart. His doctor diagnosed it as intestinal problems as a result of his lack of exercise and his poor diet. He changed his lifestyle briefly but has not kept up with what should be a life-long habit.

Most likely, my relative will spend the next 20 years feeling physically poor and having a lack of vigor and vitality only to end up with some major health problems. Should he survive, he may finally take the initiative to begin exercising, eating properly and taking fitness as a lifestyle.

Until the pain is so great that he is willing to change, he only wants a quick diagnosis and continue on his way.
For a C-Store owner, this means you (or your business) will struggle with “heart disease” or “arteriosclerosis” before you realize the need for a personal trainer. Getting back to how this relates to the prospective C-Store client…

As I mentioned, the prospect was interested in what I had and how I could help him. But he didn’t seem to thirst for a change. On a scale of 1 to 7 on how important it was for this prospect to change his business, with one being a “heart attack” may wake him up to his need and a SEVEN being in tears every night because it hurts so bad and unless he does something now, he knows it’s only a short time until his business dies a painful (but unnecessary) death.

I placed him on a scale of 4, possibly 5 based on the conversation we had.

Last Friday, I happened to be in this prospect’s part of Cincinnati. There are two competitors within a block of his C-Store. Interestingly, one of his competitors had 8 vehicles in the lot and the other had four. My prospect has zero in his lot.

I wonder if he’s listening to the diagnosis this last paragraph suggests.

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