Building The Perfect Promotional Beast... Apologies to Don Henley !!

It's all about the Golden Handcuff...

First of all, let me admit to you that I've never been accused of being a great copywriter, so take this blog at face value !! My company is in the promotions business, not in the journalism business.

Secondly, from a promotional perspective, our company is pretty straightforward and about as subtle as a sledgehammer...We like to make our promotions EASY to understand and "get"...

I'll spare you the comments about the "down economy" and will be the first to tell you that - as most of you already know - consumer promotions are a constantly moving target, making today's hot promotion, tomorrow's "yawner"...

However, I've noticed a significant shift in consumers' purchasing habits over the past 2 years. Those subtle, yet substantive shifts have created an opportunity for C-Stores to create a very strong "golden handcuff" - what we like to categorize as the perfect ongoing promotional "beast"...

The Bottom Line -
1. Everybody LOVES a discount. We all want FREE stuff. The underlying premise of every "loyalty" program is to get consumers back in YOUR store. In some form or fashion, the loyalty reward is more often than not...FREE stuff or DISCOUNTED stuff.

2. Everyone buys gasoline, and most people consider the actual petrol to be a commodity item...We have found that gasoline purchases are the reason most consumers visit convenience stores in the first place...No great surprise there...

I think most would agree that a discount on gasoline - as compared to your geographically-neighboring competitors - would be a good first step in getting customers inside your doors...The problem is, if YOU drop your price at the pump, you lose valuable revenue, and your neighboring competitors would be incented to drop their prices as well - immediately eliminating any pricing/marketing advantage...So that won't work...

The Challenge:

How can I discount the price of gasoline at my store:

1. Without having my competitors know I'm doing it ??
2. Without having to actually "eat" the discount ??

The Solution - Here's my best sales pitch:

Pop Technology has created a product offering for C-Store Operators that provides:
1. A discount on gasoline for your consumers - generally from 8 cents/gallon - 12 cents/gallon.
a. We "eat" the discount - you don't...Nothing changes at the pump or inside your store...Nothing...
2. Works on a universal card platform - absolutely ZERO changes to your POS system...Nothing...Nada.
3. Provides an upfront revenue source for your stores - at an exceptionally high margin / low cost
4. Most importantly, the platform can be configured to offer the discount only at YOUR branded pumps..
a. It won't work at your competitor's pumps !!

Since our discounts are off "the bottom line", our offering really is "FREE stuff" - the ultimate loyalty...

We know that a responsible, meaningful discount on gasoline drives consumer traffic...Our offering gives your consumers the "hidden" discount that makes your store their continued C-Store of choice every time they want to fill up their tank...

Think about it...When was the last time a customer PAID YOU to give him free stuff ???

I'd like to opportunity to introduce this concept to every C-Store operator and go over all the details. We believe it not only is profitable "up front", but can also provide a no-cost reward platform for your customers that keeps them coming back to YOUR store every time.

Thanks for taking time to get in touch...

Mark King

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Comment by Wes Stone on December 15, 2009 at 7:34pm
I love your passion!


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