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Happy Halloween everyone! If you've linked through this through the Weekly Social newsletter, thanks for visiting! To all others, welcome as well.

Halloween is upon us, so I'm opening this blog to share your stories of fun Halloween's past. Anything fun going on this year, or just the same old same old passing out candy (and eating half of it yourself?)

What about your business? Any spooky challenges for you? Or are you Ghost-busting your way through the C-Store World challenges? Trick or Treat?

My favorite Halloween (as some of you saw in the Weekly Social) was the Anchorman Ron Burgundy/Will Ferrell Halloween. It was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and we were there for a friends wedding. So there were 30 of us in a huge cabin and we had a Halloween Party the night before the wedding. Unbelievably great time. The funniest part to me (and everyone else) about my costume was the microphone. I converted a Hannah Montana microphone to a Channel 4 microphone. Everyone wanted to grab it, and go around the room to ask people questions with it. MyCstoreWorld is YOUR MICROPHONE, so go ahead, grab it and use it!

My next big Halloween costume goal is to dress up like Dom DeLuise (Captain Chaos) from the Cannonball Run!

In my business, the spookiest thing is the challenge of building awareness and acceptance of the power and influence of social media to our colleagues in the C-Store Industry -Chaos! However, I see the tides turning a bit, especially through MyCstoreWorld. We are growing fast, and the participation is picking up steam!!

The most non-spooky thing for me right now is FUN! This has been a tremendous challenge and it's really enjoyable to see how the world is gravitating toward this medium. My head is on a swivel everyday with the sheer amount of information out there. The challenge is to focus on what is relevant for us and our users, and how we can help our industry connect and collaborate better in our forum.

We appreciate the participation, and please continue to spread the word about us!

See, it's not so spooky...

 Burgundy Interviewing the Guests

The real star of the show - The Microphone

And the contagious effect of The Microphone...


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