MyCstoreWorld provides many ways for you to communicate with others on the site. When reaching out to others on the site, you should always consider what the message is you wish to convey, and who your audience is.

There are 4 main ways to have a discussion on MyCstoreWorld:

Discussions - Located in the center column of the homepage
This is the most public area to have a discussion. This content will be available to all that view the site. This area would best be used to post a question or start a topic about anything that is not private in nature and that you would be interested in receiving a response from anyone who is a member on the site.

Discussions in Groups - Located in the Discussion area of a particular group
Discussions in this area will have a less visibility to members as a whole. In private groups, only members who have joined a group will see the discussions. This creates a safe environment for the approved members to have a discussion and those not approved to join the group will not have visibility into the discussion. If a group is not private, anyone can see the discussion but they need to join the group to participate in a discussion.

Groups also have a Comment Wall section. The Comment Wall is not intended to be an area of discussion. It is simply for making a comment (i.e. "Great Sales Month!!! Congrats to all!" If you need to have a discussion it is a best practice to do this in the Discussion area of a group. Discussions can be collapsed when not in use and replies are threaded. Organizationally, this is a much better way to go.

Send Message - Located on a member's profile page
This is a one on one private message. Only the sender and the receiver have visibility into the discussion. If your subject requires the highest level of privacy or your better judgment tells you to keep it one on one, sending a message to an individual is the way to go.

Blogs - Click Blogs on the main menu and then select Add Blog Post
Blogs are typically reserved for when what you have to say is generally longer in length and you do not expect or want to receive replies to your posting. Think of it being like a magazine article or a newsletter. The post is a great example of a blog. When creating a blog, you have the option to decide if replies are allowed to the blog or not.

We hope this helps to explain the different types of discussion functions on the My Cstore World and when to use each. A little advance planning and consideration on the front end will ensure your message is delivered to the right person/people with the desired level of privacy.

Enjoy "Your" CstoreWorld!

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